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Welcome to the CookeBarracks.com Guestbook. 79% of 242 poll respondents said their time at Cooke was either "great" or "the best"; 14% reported "good". Only 7% reported "not so good", or "not good". Clearly, Cooke Barracks was a magical place and, perhaps, that's why so many people visit CookeBarracks.com. CookeBarracks.com was born October 2002 and is responsible for uniting many, many people separated years ago.

This is where those who served at Cooke find each other. You're invited to add your entry so others can find you. For the past ten years, lots and lots of reunions have been made via this Guestbook

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2,064 Entries
Kevin Schrenk Email

What city are you located? Longmont

What state are you located? Colorado

Was in the 4th Armored Division, HHC. I worked in Command Aviation as an Air Traffic Controller from April of 1969 through August of 1971. Goeppingen was a great experienc.

Monte Caylor Email

What city are you located? Huntsville

What state are you located? Alabama

I was at Gerp 1971-1974 in the Command Aviation Section HHC 1st AD. I was the Beaver Mechanic. When they turned in the two Beavers, I went to Bad Toelz to the UH-1 school and crewed the "B" model huey. When we received two rebuilt "H" models I crewed the one 66-16687. I worked for CW2 David Gollem. Some familiar names are: SSG Will Radabaugh, Cpt Mike Halby, CW4 Bill Abbott, Sp5 Mike Williams, Sp5 Jimmy Bruce, Sp5 Guy Dawes, Sp5 Steve Fensky, Cpt Rust. We moved to Katterbach around 1972 sometime. I owned a Triumph motorcycle and later a 1971 Gold colored german ford. I sold the ford to someone in the 48th Trans when we moved.

Bruce Baker Email

What city are you located? Dallas/Fort Worth

What state are you located? Texas

I was at Cooke Barracks from Sept 1978 thru Aug 1981 assigned to C 1/26 Infantry "Blue Spaders"

I spent 22 years on Active Duty, but those 3 years were the best I can remember.

Drew Andrews Email

What city are you located? Dallas

What state are you located? Texas

i was a MEDIC at cook barracks in 1987

Ladnier, Bryan M. Email

What city are you located? Long Beach

What state are you located? Mississippi

Medic attached to the Division Surgeon HHC 3rd Brigade 1st Inf. Div. Fwd. '73-'74 transferred to HHC 4/73 Armor in Böblingen'74-'76.

Dana Gabbert Email

What city are you located? Fort Worth

What state are you located? Texas

Was there from 86-89. miss the good ole times!

Byron Cloud Email

What city are you located? Houston

What state are you located? Texas

4th Quartermaster HQ, Cooke Barracks, January 1958 to May 1960

john burgi Email

What city are you located? mulino

What state are you located? oregon

I spent my first week in Germany at Cooke barracks. I was assigned to the 1/94th artillery in Schwabach Gmund and this was our receiving station. We sailed from New York on the WO Darby took if I remember right 10 days to sail to Bremen. I do not remember much about the town as they wouldnt turn us loose. One thing I do remember there were workers digging up some old plumbing and they found a cache of old German small arms and ammuntion and grenades. I was there in Feb of 1965. I think of it now and it was only 20 years after Germany surrendered. Wish I had been more interested in history at the time as many stories could have been heard regarding WW2.

Edward Kocher Email

What city are you located? Pittsburgh, Pa.

What state are you located? Pennsylvania

Being in Goppingen was great. Had a fantastic time eating, drinking and traveling.

Mike Walton Email

What city are you located? Excelsior

What state are you located? Minnesota

Hey everyone!! I was stationed at "Planet Gerp" along with my new family from the spring of 1983 through the summer of 1985.

I was first assigned to the IDF's Commo Platoon as its Platoon Leader but then reassigned to the 1/26th as their CE Staff Officer (because the one there got fired). I stayed there and was rep'ed to be the ONLY Company-grade Signal officer who was not fired nor relieved of duty during my time. All of the other Company-grade CESOs in the IDF were fired or relieved.

Later, the 1/26 became the 4/16th and we also changed Bn Cmds. It was a distinct honor to be a "Blue Devil" and a member of that proud unit with a strong heritage.
I still wear the "Blue Devil's" DUI on my uniform.

I got promoted while there; and my oldest child was born at Klinik Am Eichort in the south of the town instead of at Bad Cannestadt.

I think, however, I was REALLY assigned there to be the community's Scoutmaster and Explorer Advisor. Gerp got on the VII Corps' map in a positive way while I was there. It helped that the Bn Cdr at that time, the "Bassomatic" (then LTC George Basso) was not only a strong supporter of community stuff, but his son was a member of my Troop.

I have a lot of fond memories at Cooke Barracks. It was my first duty assignment as a leader of Soldiers -- and while I had my disagreements with "Frantic Frank" who wanted to "rule the universe!" We lived in Faundau with another 4/16th couple, the Chemical Officer, Tim and his wife --

My wife and I divorced a couple of years after my return to the States but we still stay in touch and talk about old, good times in Germany and the many places we traveled to over the weekends. I would like to take my daughter -- now a 1LT in the Army -- to what's left of old Cooke Barracks and to the hospital where she was born. I've been back several times and took some video and photos...some of it still there while others, well...we do have memories, right?

I would love to catch up with the NCOs and Soldiers of the Commo Platoon, HHC 4/16 who remembered their green behind the ears boss who held the "dummy button" for two hours before an NCO told him to stop! I would love to catch up with those who were a member of the Scout Troop or Explorer Post there when I was there.

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